Mark&Tom is evolving.

After a bunch of years doing tons of amazing projects and working with a smorgasbord of awesome people, we decided that it was time to mix things up a bit.

A lovely, super talented ex-Melbournian by the name of Matt is now partnering with Mark, as SquareOne, to deal with film work, and Tom, as Commmotion, is dealing with design and motion.

This gives us all a bit more flexibility in the way we can work, more space to focus on creative areas that we are passionate about, whilst still allowing us to work collaboratively when we get the chance!

We're all still in the same studio space (Tom also works from his home shed-studio), and we're all still frothing to do awesome creative stuff with rad clients, so pretty much win-win-win-win.



If you need film work done, then talk to Mark & Matt at SquareOne.

Mark 0435 083 291 /

Matt 0423 402 911 /


If you're after motion / graphic design, talk to Tom at Commmotion.

Tom 0418 572 769 /